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Mia vojagho de Bazelo ghis Carnamah

Twice, in 1992 and 1996 I spent more than half a year in Australia. During my first visit I attended Ocean Reef Senior High School. Shortly after my return to Switzerland, my host familiy, Maureen, Ian, Richelle and Jason Moore moved to a farm in the Shire of Carnamah, where I spent many wonderful days on my second visit. That place has become kind of a second home to me.

So now it's high time to return to Carnamah for a visit. However, as the global environmental problems are growing bigger and bigger, while the world becomes smaller and smaller I do not want to travel by aeroplane anymore. Instead I reckon, that nowadays it is possible to travel by bicycle.

But this journey is not just about finding my way to Carnamah. More importantly it is also about discovering the people and the places on the way, and of course about finding out who I really am and where I belong.

With this website I invite you to join me on my journey to Carnamah.